What is Hinduphobia?

Hindu phobia is an all-encompassing term covering denigration, dehumanizing and demonizing Hindu religion (dharma) and the Hindu people.

Hindu phobia sustains negative perceptions about Hindu culture and ends up legitimizing hatred and violence towards Hindu communities, organizations, and institutions.

Identify Hindu phobia:

Misrepresented customs – If you are targeted for the attire, you wear or you apply a tilak (men) or a Bindi (women) on your forehead or you
are referred to as cow-piss drinkers.

Insult to deities – If you are targeted for the worship of Ganesh who has a manifestation of elephant or other deities.

Hindus as invaders or terrorists – If you are targeted falsely and tagged as supremacists or invaders or terrorists.

Symbols and Icons denigrated – If you are targeted while displaying Hindu symbols like Swastika or see such Hindu symbols being denigrated.

Are you?

A target of Hinduphobia: Identify if you have been a systematic target of Hindu phobia attack under any of the above categories. If yes, refer the
online resources to help you deal with the attacks.

Student or Academician: If you are a student or an academician at an educational institution, check with the campus policy on such hate incidents. If there are no such policies, get in touch with student counsellor or faculty council and work with them to establish set of policies to deal with culture or religion
based hate incidents.

Employee: If you are an employee and if you are a target of an attack based on your religious or cultural views, get in touch with your employer’s or
company’s HR department to deal with such hate incidents.

Self-Employed: If you are a self-employed, get in touch with Hindu organizations or councils and seek help from fellow Hindus in exposing such hate mongers

In any of the above situations, visit VHP Contact page and send us the details with subject “Hindu phobia” and some members from our dedicated “Hindu Phobia” team will assist you